Conquer your learning curve faster when you learn to surf.

Does good surfing instruction make a difference to your learning curve when learning to surf? You bloody bet it does!

Reap the results of good surfing instruction

Most of the older guys you see in the water these days did not have the benefit of surf schools when they where learning. The only surf school they attended was the school of hard knocks, heavy wipe outs, and plenty of peer preasure.

It took me years to learn what good surfing instruction from an experienced coach can teach you in hours today. The only surfing instruction available to us was watching other guys in the water, copying what they where doing, and hanging on for grim death if it all came unstuck, which it usually did.

If you want to learn to surf, and to skip the trial and error. I suggest you find a good surf school and take a classes with an experienced instructor.

Tips for finding a good surf school.

  1. Look for schools with accredited coaches. In most countries, surfing instructors are required to be accreditated coaches through the govening body for that country.
  2. Check out how the school operates. A good operator is a good sign they take the business of surfing instruction seriously.
  3. Check out the schools gear. Surfing gear such as wetsuits and surfboards that are in good shape and well looked after is another great sign that they are serious out their business.
  4. Ask people who have had lessons with the school. Did it work for them?
  5. Have a chat with the instructors and go with your gut feel.

If you can get onto a good school your surfing will come on in laps and bounds. Good surfing instruction really does make a world of difference.

Now, get out there.

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Our Lessons

Individual Bookings: You are most welcome to come and join the next surf lesson bjsurfingthat suits you best. You will join a small class to have a lot of fun, thrills and surfing.
Group Bookings: Private groups, corporate groups, kids birthday parties. You name it, we can arrange it. Basically the surf lesson is for you and your friends or collegues. No outsiders allowed.
Private Surf Lesson: If you are real keen to kick start your surfing, maybe you need a private, one-on-one surf lesson. It's just you and the instructor.

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